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How to make better video assets to drive app installs on Google App Campaigns

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As an app advertiser, getting your app into the hands of more qualified (and paying) users is important. Google App Campaigns help marketers promote their app across the Google ecosystem. And with the power of machine learning, app marketers can show their best assets to connect with more users.

Google will automatically test different asset combinations and serve ads that are performing the best more often. Almost all of the work is done for you. So what can you do to drive more app installs or in-app actions? Create better assets!

Video Asset Best Practices

Finding winning creative is essential to your App Install campaign success. In this article, Kaizen Ad share's essential video creative best practices and tips that can help you drive better performance.

Type of Assets

Size & Ratio

Google recommends diversifying your creative assets as much as possible in order to maximize ad combinations and placement. Maximum number of assets allowed is 20 of each type (images, video, HTML5).

For video assets, make sure to upload a variety of formats, including: landscape 16:9 1920x1080, portrait 9:16 1080x1920, and square 1:1 1080x1080. Definitely include portrait orientation videos, as they tend to perform better. It's important to optimize your video assets with the understanding of how each ad format brings a different viewing experience and response from the user.

Users viewing your ad in-app may respond better to portrait videos that focus on a specific app experience (i.e., leveling up) versus a user viewing your ad on YouTube who may respond better to portrait videos that focus on an overall app experience (i.e., characters, main goal).

Google data shows that portrait videos tend to have a 60% higher conversion rate than landscape ones.


As with any mobile-first video ad creative, Kaizen Ad recommends your video assets are optimized for mobile-first viewing, that includes short length. Test different length video ads such as 5sec versus 15sec to find your sweet spot.

Creative Elements

You may already be familiar with the fact that the first 5sec of your video asset are the most critical. How do you capture viewers attention? Will they continue watching past 5sec?

Generally, a higher percentage of impressions are skipped as soon as the “skip” button appears. Keep this in mind when producing your video assets.

Below are a few points Kaizen Ad professional designers also consider when creating new video assets for our customers:

Emphasize app experience over story

Campaign focused on App Installs or In-App Actions should detail the app experience, features, and unique benefits. Google recommends using tightly framed shots of your characters or app UI or specific feature to clearly communicate how the app works and appeal to the viewer. Viewer should be able to imagine how they would use the app and it's unique features.

Storytelling is still important, however get to the features within those first 5sec of the video. Here are some ideas for Mobile Game Apps: build a game character, show a player challenge, show rewards or loot, customization, or leveling up.

Google's research of successful app video ads found that on average, they contained 2+ cut changes within the first 5 seconds, which helps deliver a dynamic sense of the app experience.

Branding placement can make all the difference

Introduce your brand as early as possible by showing your logo's early and often. Keep your logo on screen for as long as possible in a way that seems natural. Make sure the logo is clear at the top on your end card.


Video assets launched in App Install campaigns should include copy variations that are built around Download call-to-action. A great way to do this is by demonstrating why users should download your app.

Reviews and testimonials

Adding reviews or testimonials to your video creative is a useful way to get users to download your app. Users tend to react better when seeing how other people describe their experience with your app. A great way to include reviews is by adding your AppStore ratings such as 4.5 yellow stars on your End Card.


Featured Success Story


digio sees 166% increase in conversion rate with Kaizen Ad’s video ads in Google App Campaigns

Kaizen Ad expert designers created high-quality video ads in multiple sizes, that followed the latest creative best practices of Google App Campaigns and focused on key benefits of digio’s app. Read success story here


Need creative production help?

Kaizen Ad is an official Google preferred creative agency partner. If you need any help with creative concepting or generating fresh video creatives quickly for your next Google App campaign, please reach out to or Request a Demo.

Kaizne Ad's talented Mobile App vertical experienced designers can help you generate new creatives and apply the latest video best practices and insights from Google. With fast turnaround, Kaizen Ad can help you drive

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Your article talks about the recommended aspect ratios for Google. I came across and after reading it, I learned how to do it. I advise you to supplement your article with a couple of sentences from that site.

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