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Kaizen Ad Creative Showcase

Mobile-optimized video ad creatives that drive greater ROAS.

Client Name

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Governor of poker

The goal of the ad was to generate awareness of new space-themed game features and showcase new artwork like different characters, poker tables and hats. Kaizen followed basic beats provided by the client and punched up visuals with added VFX.

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Monster Country Idle

The client wanted a story-based narrative ad, rather than the usual gameplay-focused video, so Kaizen worked with the client to write a concept based around the main character and story of the game, since the story is a popular selling point. Kaizen animators broke down a static character asset and rigged it for animation, then fully animated the 2D characters into a narrative short.

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Blast Explorers

Kaizen Ad can create a fresh new idea to reimagine and simplify the gameplay in your game to attract new users and tap into trends that grabs clicks and installs.

This isn’t exactly fake gameplay, it’s repackaging the goals of your game to showcase characters, artwork or simple challenges.

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Happy Color 

A video featuring talent that is a step above a regular “talk to the camera” UGC video but more cost-effective than a full live action shoot.

The source video will be shot on the talent’s phone like a typical UGC video, but there will be extra production elements involved to improve the quality - like proper lighting, green screens, extra acting and B-roll, etc. Depending on the concept, there may also be a proper director on set to ensure the highest production value.

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3D CG Animation

Kaizen Ad can create 3D elements from scratch or work with existing models, riggs and textures provided by the customer. We can customize characters, environments, cameras, visual effects, lights and deliver stunning creatives ready for the platform of your choice.

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Playable Ads

Kaizen Ad can provide Playable Ads with concepting, an innovative form of interactive advertising designed to engage users by allowing them to actively experience a snippet of a mobile game or application before downloading it.

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Kaizen Ad can provide concepts and fully localized creative for Japanese audience based on our knowledge in Japanese market. (Kaizen Platform HQ in Tokyo, Japan.)

Analyzing from Japanese gamers motivation and trend, optimize your creatives to Japanese market.

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