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Webinar: Attract New Audiences with Motivation-Led Creative

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Targeted gaming video ad strategy is based on tried and tested principles to help you engage new audiences and grow install volumes.

While the global pandemic may have resulted in more people downloading gaming apps and

playing online in 2020, many gaming advertisers are now wondering how to continue the

historic momentum. As many regions gradually return to normal activities and ad ecosystem

changes are rife, it’s already more challenging to attract and win over new users.

To help gaming advertisers navigate this evolving landscape and develop fresh and engaging

video ad creative, the Kaizen Ad team has been focusing on effective strategies to attract new

users and grow install volumes. Most recently, our attention has turned to the promising

approach of motivation-inspired creative video ads to run on Google App campaigns.

The good news is that motivation-led video ad creative offers a powerful user acquisition

strategy, as well as a valuable way to improve the quality, performance, and relevancy of video ads. Which is why—not surprisingly—many mobile gaming apps advertisers are already

adopting or considering adopting motivation-led video ad creative to run in their campaigns.

While motivation-led creative may sound like just another online marketing trend, its roots lie

in decades of tried-and-true marketing advice: know your audience. And as any good storyteller knows, catching your audience’s attention and driving conversions depends on how well you understand your audience’s motivation and can tell your story in a strategic way.

To help advertisers develop an effective motivation-led video ad creative strategy, the Kaizen

Ad has teamed up with Google to produce an exciting and insightful free webinar:

Webinar: Build Better Gaming Creatives! Get more Players with Motivational-led Creative Triggers

Date: July 15, 2021

Experts from both Google and Kaizen Ad take you through key topics, including motivation-led creative development, creative for app campaign success, and creative strategies and tactics. We’re even showcasing a special guest from Outplay Entertainment, who will talk about the success of popular game, Gordon Ramsey: Chef Blast. And don’t miss the live Q&A session where you can get specific questions answered by the experts.

Kaizen Ad is an official Google App Campaigns Creative Partner with a successful history of

helping mobile game companies with end-to-end video asset development that helps increase install volumes and grow revenues. As part of our commitment to world-class service, we’re constantly evaluating new strategies and trends across all phases of the app lifecycle, from soft launch to global launch to scaling through optimization.

As life begins to return to the new normal, we’re excited about the possibilities ahead with

motivational-led video ad creative and the opportunities it can open for gaming companies

looking to acquire new users. If you’re interested in learning more about motivational-led creative and how to build better gaming video ads, register for the webinar and gain valuable insights into this pivotal strategy.

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