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digio sees 166% increase in conversion rate with Kaizen Ad’s video ads in Google App Campaigns

Success Story

digio sees 166% increase in conversion rate with Kaizen Ad’s video ad creative in Google App Campaigns

Business Objectives

digio, an innovative credit card app, wanted to accelerate new users and app installs by optimizing ad creatives for Google App Campaigns

"The opportunity to work with Kaizen Ad came at a time when we were looking for new ways to generate acquisition through our app campaigns and this opportunity worked very well. It only took a few minutes of meeting for the Kaizen team to understand our goal and just one week to produce a video that became a reference for our campaigns, having as main premises: be short, didactic and objective. Basic components for any creative, but few companies know how to bring them together, and Kaizen nailed it." - Eduardo Macaroni Nardy, Performance & Analytics Specialist, digio

Implementation Strategy

Kaizen Ad expert designers created high-quality video ads in multiple sizes, that followed the latest creative best practices of Google App Campaigns and focused on key benefits of digio’s app.


166% increase in conversion rate

19% improvement in cost per install

75% increase in click through rate

The partnership with Kaizen Ad was outstanding since the first interaction. We were able to craft the project together to address one of the biggest pain points for our customers, which is building great creatives. We were impressed with the results on digio's performance and we are confident there is much more to come.” - Gustavo Galli, Apps Partnerships Manager, Google

Want to learn more?

For more details, please contact Hiro Yokozeki at

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Aug 08, 2022

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