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Tophatter Acquires Highest LTV Users with Kaizen Ad Video Ads Created for Google App Campaigns

Success Story

Tophatter acquired the highest lifetime value (LTV) users with Kaizen Ad video ad creatives for Google App campaigns.

Business Objectives

Driving conversions, increasing app installs, and maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS) for

Google App campaigns are the top goals for most mobile app advertisers. For Tophatter, a

leading discovery marketplace with an entertaining live auction mobile app, this was the key

reason the company turned to Kaizen Ad for help scaling its video ad creative production.

“Kaizen Ad developed high-performing creatives that allowed us to achieve our Google App campaign goals. The video production process was efficient and timely, given their platform for submitting and reviewing revisions, and enabling our translators to localize videos for international campaigns. We've been delighted with the quality of video ads produced by Kaizen, and have invested in their video production for our Google App campaigns.” - Cindy Yim, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Tophatter

Implementation Strategy

Kaizen Ad experts and its team of world-class designers have extensive experience and

knowledge optimizing ad creatives for top platforms like Google App campaigns. Their expertise includes deep knowledge of best practices, creative insights, and advertising policies combined with data-driven creative optimization capabilities.

Following the latest creative best practices from Google App campaigns, Kaizen Ad designers

produced new video ad creatives in multiple sizes every two weeks, focusing efforts on building more new video concepts for successful ad groups on Android. Video ad assets were created using mobile footage showing the audience how to use the app – Shop, Bid, and Win!

Developing fresh and engaging video ads to attract new users and grow install volumes requires a motivation-led approach that is rapidly proving to be a powerful user acquisition strategy and a quick way to improve the quality, performance, and relevancy of video ads on Google App campaigns.

Kaizen Ad recently hosted a webinar with experts from Google and other advertising experts

discussing motivation-led creative for app campaign success, strategies, and tactics. Our experts applied many of these same principles to the video ads created for Tophatter, and the results speak for themselves:


  • Acquired the highest Lifetime Value (LTV) users with video ads Kaizen Ad created for Google App campaigns

  • While achieving all KPIs, Tophatter scaled ad spend by 5X in a short period of time on Google App Campaigns with Kaizen Ad video ads

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