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digio sees 166% increase in conversion rate with Kaizen Ad’s video ad creative in Google App Campaigns

Kaizen Ad expert designers created high-quality video ads in multiple sizes, that followed the latest creative best practices of Google App Campaigns and focused on key benefits of digio’s app.

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Google App Campaigns


LBC Studios increases engagement 54% with Kaizen Ad creatives on Facebook & Instagram

Leveraging Kaizen’s expert creative team and optimization solutions, LBC Studios received high-quality video ads delivered within 5 business days that they could immediately run.


Facebook & Instagram Ads


Playrix saw 18% improvement in Cost-per-Install with Kaizen Ad localized to Japan video ad creatives

Localized creative variations provided by Kaizen Ad global designers maximized Gardenscapes Facebook campaign conversions in Japan.


Facebook Ads


NOVICA achieves ACoS of 5.99% with Kaizen Ads Video Creative on Amazon

NOVICA chose Kaizen Ad to create high-quality video ads for products in three different categories. NOVICA achieved an ACoS of 5.99% for one product, and 12.5% overall—gaining key learnings to optimize campaigns and increase conversions.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video

Athletic Greens partnered with Kaizen Ad to develop & test video ads on Amazon

The new videos ran for 8 weeks, showing a positive trend generating ROAS comparable to existing highly relevant live-model video ads. Kaizen Ad video variation saw the highest sales, 80% higher than the best performing original video in June.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video

Naturelo Improves Ad Reach & Performance On Amazon's Video In Search

Kaizen Ad Optimizers produced a high-quality motion graphics video using very little assets. Both Kaizen Ad video variations achieved the highest Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and lowest Cost-per-Click (CPC).

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video

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