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Athletic Greens Partners with Kaizen Ad to run a creative test on Amazon’s Video in Search

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Success Story

Kaizen Ad professional designers delivered new, mobile-optimized product focused video variations. Athletic Greens saw 80% higher sales compared to original best performing video.

Implementation Strategy

Intrigued to test product focused video ads against Athletic Green’s existing live-model lifestyle videos, Kaizen Ad specialized designers created two different mobile-optimized video ads using existing static product images.

Amazon’s transactional nature can be said to cater well to video ads that focus on what the product is about and getting right down to the unique selling points is recommended. The hypothesis we wanted to test was if product shot focused video ads can generate as much upper-funnel interest as live-model & lifestyle videos in the existing campaign.

Video Variation 1: Question

Video ad opening with a question to the audience. Then presenting the product and unique selling points & benefits.

Video Variation 2: Animation

Video ad focusing on introducing the product with unique selling points and image animations.


Older campaigns have stronger ROAS because of more run time and relevancy against them, however, after 8 weeks of running the new videos grew in views and click-through-rate. With a 2 week attribution window we checked on results mid-June and mid-July. The new videos ran for 8 weeks, showing a positive trend generating ROAS comparable to existing highly relevant live-model video ads.

  • Both videos had the highest number of units sold in June as compared to the original video ads that had higher relevancy.

  • Number of views for each video was almost the same for June, although overall the views were decreasing on this channel.

  • Both videos had highest 14 day total sales.

  • Video Variation 2 saw the 80% higher sales than the best performing original video in June.

Considering a few points the creative test was a good and safe test to learn that there is an opportunity to drive sales with product focused video ad creatives while maintaining ROAS: 1) This channel delivery is lower than DSP/Programmatic video; 2) Video in Search is still in Beta.

Tips for Future Creative Tests

Test more variety of product focused video ads

  • Consider varying up images

  • Consider different first 5 seconds to catch attention

  • Consider different themes: comparison, USPs focus, brand story, etc.

Amazon recommends 10+ video ads to drive greater relevancy and reach

  • Running 1-5 video ads on Video in Search is standard and safe, however the views and clicks grow steadily and can take a longer time to reach any significant results

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