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Naturelo Improves Ad Reach & Performance On Amazon's Video In Search

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Success Story

Kaizen Ad Optimizers produced a high-quality motion graphics video using very little assets. Both Kaizen Ad video variations achieved the highest Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and lowest Cost-per-Click (CPC).

Business Objective

NATURELO Premium Supplements, makers of high-quality all natural supplements, partnered with Kaizen Ad to produce high performing video ad creatives to grow their business using Amazon’s newest ad product, Video in Search (ViS) - now Sponsored Brands Video.

"Kaizen Ad was an easy decision for such great results." - CEO, NATURELO

Implementation Strategy

Kaizen Ad expert video designers produced high-quality, product specific videos for NATURELO’s Bone Strength Plant Calcium Complex supplements. Both product specific variations tested for this single ASIN outperformed all campaigns NATURELO has run to-date, achieving the highest Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and lowest Cost-per-Click (CPC).

Creative Variations

Kaizen Ad designs produced a high-quality motion graphics video using very little assets. Applying their experience and training in mobile-first creative best practices, as well as specifications outlined by Amazon for the Video in Search experience.

  • Video Version A opened with a first few seconds of the ad focusing on a benefit statement (“Improve your bone health with plant based calcium).

  • Video Version B’s first few seconds showed a list of product differentiators (“Plant based, 100% natural, etc.).


Both video ad variations drove great performance outcomes, with a Click-Through-Rate that is the highest of any NATURELO videos and above the ~3% benchmark. After 3 weeks of running these creatives, both videos continued to have the highest CTR and the lowest CPC.

  • +38% Click-Through-Rate

  • -75% Cost-Per-Click

Video B (product differentiators) gained higher views and clicks than video A (benefit statement), therefore served more frequently.


Interestingly, Version A (benefit statement) generated 59% more 14 day brand halo salescompared to Version B (product differentiators). Meaning customers purchased other NATURELO products after seeing the video ad. Although Version A has a slightly higher ROAS, Version B generated more views and product detail page clicks.


Average view time was almost the same between the two variations, 6 and a half seconds. This is on target with 6 second watch times recommended for Facebook/Instagram on-the-go ads and Google’s 6 second bumper ads. Video Version B (product differentiators) saw a 30% higher video completion rate than Video A (benefit statement). However, when it comes to total number of units sold, Video A (benefit statement) sold slightly more (10% more).


Besides differentiating the first 5 seconds of the ad, the rest of the creative was almost identical. NATURELO tested if the use of voiceover affected performance. Version A (benefit statement) included voiceover (female voice reading the copy written on each frame), while Version B (product differentiators) included music. Although Amazon does not share view metrics with sound on or off, it seems having voiceover did not affect performance at any significant level.


Brands only have a few seconds to make a direct connection with Amazon customers through video in mobile search results.

Kaizen Ad designers make sure to implement important best practices that work:

  1. Show the product and brand prominently within the first second of the ad

  2. Focus on WHY this product is working - in this case testing a benefit versus differentiators message

  3. Making sure the message is loud and clear even with sound off

  4. Direct and concise messaging within the first few seconds


  • First message does not fully appear until 3 seconds into the video, and second message takes 3 more seconds to appear (see below images)

  • Main message is in the voiceover, which customer must actively turn ON to hear

  • Messages do not promote a benefit statement or product differentiating statements

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