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LBC Studios Increases Engagement 54% With Kaizen Ad Creatives


LBC Studios is an independent game studios founded in Langley, British Columbia in 2015 with the intention of creating and developing a AAA-quality, marijuana-themed mobile game. LBC studios first title “Hempire“​ was launched worldwide on April 20, 2017 and players alike have become immersed in this highly addictive game.

“The Kaizen team is amazing at understanding the branding of our game, and has consistently delivered videos that align perfectly with our product, community and marketing goals. They worked closely with us with developing their new interface, and I feel it is a highly efficient and effective way of generating videos. And the price is highly competitive!” says Kevan O’Brien, Marketing Director, LBC Studios."\



Ads That Increase Engagement – Kaizen videos garnered an incredible 53.59% total engagement rate (total actions/total impressions). For every Kaizen impression served, users engaged with the ad over 50% of the time.

Driving More Users to Take Action – Kaizen’s top performing videos had CTR’s of 3.58%, 3.05%, and 2.32% respectively. All three Kaizen best-performers beat the campaign’s average CTR by upwards of 49% and Kaizen’s videos, on average, outperformed the campaign’s overall average CTR.

Quality Ads, Effectively Priced – Those same top performers had competitive CPC’s of $.68, $.59, and $.23 respectively. All three videos beat the campaign’s average CPC by upwards of 23% and on average outperformed the campaign’s overall average CPC.

Enabling Effective Testing Tactics – The re-engagement campaign outperformed UA when it comes to CTR. Users who have engaged in the past with Hempire ads were 84% more willing to re-engage than new users who were targeted for acquisition. From a cost efficiency perspective, top performing re-engagement ads had an average CPC 91% lower than the UA’s average. These insights were discovered thanks to Kaizen’s creative and video design teams effectively leveraging assets to create an impactful video.


Support the Marketing Team at LBC Studios with the best-performing, high quality video ads that capture attention from new and existing audiences for their highly addictive pot-growing game, Hempire.

LBC Studios understands the importance of catching a user’s attention quickly and that providing meaningful in-app experiences increases engagement. The goal for this campaign was to increase the number of app installs and more importantly, reactivate existing users to better drive in-app purchases. To effectively test UA vs. re-engagement targeting and campaign strategies, LBC Studios enlisted Kaizen to deliver creative that would help identify which segments performed best.


Create video ads to better enable LBC Studios in optimizing towards a re-engagement vs. UA strategy. The creative sought to boost overall engagement and target/convert users who were more likely to monetize within Hempire.

LBC Studios sought a partner that could concept, design, and deliver effective video ads that delivered the performance outcomes they desired: quality, quick turn-around, and scalability.


Pushing creative boundaries for effective video that incorporated and focused on cannabis themes (ex. generate, trade & sell bud for profit, make and bake edibles, and grow your Hempire business) while staying within the confines of Facebook guidelines and policies.

The creative that Kaizen delivered needed to perform effectively and efficiently from both a user engagement and cost perspective.


Leveraging Kaizen’s expert creative team and optimization solutions, LBC Studios received high-quality video ads delivered within 5 business days that they could immediately traffic. Responding to the tight turn-around times allowed LBC to be flexible and have more time to strategize on their end. Quickly providing creative ready for launch allowed LBC Studios to brainstorm a variety of new concepts and variations to test and gain valuable insights from. We were given a large amount of assets to leverage, and our experienced creative team knew just the right images and copy to implement – this lead to best-performing ads that LBC was able to optimize towards. Kaizen videos were also trafficked within UA and re-engagement campaigns against competitor ads in an effort to see who’s videos would deliver the most impactful results.


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