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NOVICA achieves ACoS of 5.99% with Kaizen Ads Video Creative on Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads

NOVICA draws on Kaizen Ad expertise to launch high-quality video ads and compete effectively in multiple categories.

Success Story

NOVICA works with artisans around the world to sell their handcrafted products. To fill its needs for video editing and knowledge of Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads, NOVICA chose Kaizen Ad to create high-quality video ads for products in its jewelry, glassware, and apparel categories. In campaign tests, NOVICA achieved an ACoS of 5.99% for one product, and 12.5% overall—gaining key learnings to optimize campaigns and increase conversions.

Business Objective

NOVICA required a creative partner with expertise and experience in producing top-performing video ads for the recently launched Amazon Sponsored Brands video ad platform. Kaizen Ad expert designers drew from known best practices to create high-quality videos with great results.

“Kaizen Ad’s video had ACoS of 5.99% which did really well, it’s pretty unheard of!” - NOVICA


As part of diversifying its ad portfolio, NOVICA wanted to take advantage of the Amazon Sponsored Brands video ad solution to bring traffic to its highest selling products and give them an advantage over competitors. To become familiar with the platform and format, and start running and testing campaigns effortlessly, the team needed expert help from Kaizen Ad to create effective, high-quality video ads quickly and easily.


Unprecedented AcoS Reduction

The top-performing Kaizen Ad video was a short video for its apparel product with unprecedented ACoS of 5.99%. The overall ACoS for Kaizen Ad video campaigns was 12.5%, compared to 22% for the complete portfolio over the same time period.

Brand Awareness Promotion

Marketing experts at NOVICA believe the compelling video with eye-catching motion on the page definitely grabbed more buyers’ attention and enhanced brand awareness. This underscores how video ads deliver the highest conversions of all ad solutions.

Valuable Key Learnings

NOVICA was able to determine that video length did not affect performance, but video ads with a branded closing signature did see improved performance—a valuable insight for future creatives.

Additional learnings include:

  • Video ads take up large screen space, especially on mobile, giving potential customers a good idea of the product before clicking on it.

  • Conversion rate is the highest of all ad campaigns, despite a slightly higher cost per click.

  • Generated videos can be leveraged and put on product detail pages, to increase conversions.

“Quality is excellent. The Kaizen video editor took into consideration our input and the finished product was very professional and high-quality which we are proud to have under our brand.” - NOVICA

To find out how Kaizen Ad can help you achieve these results and more, contact our creative manager and strategist at today.

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