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Interview: How to scale Sponsored Brands Video ad campaigns and win in more Marketplaces

Kaizen Ad Creative Insights Fireside Chat

Video Interview with Kaizen Ad and ZOUSZ

Strategies, Insights & Tips from Fellow Advertisers

Kaizen Ad Creative Insights guest Zohaib Ahmad from ZOUSZ, a luxury men’s grooming & skincare brand on Amazon, shares with Kaizen Ad why & how he decided to start running Sponsored Brand video ads on Amazon Advertising.

"[Amazon Sponsored Brands Video ads] actually performed better than our regular sponsored ads for the same keywords, and we're in a highly competitive niche, so that was quite good for us and eye-opening."

Topics we will cover in this interview:

  • Getting Started with Sponsored Brands Video Ads

  • Choosing a Creative Partner and Video Ad Creative Tips for Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads

  • Choosing an ASIN and optimizing keywords targeting

  • Bonus: Launching video ads for a brand new product!

  • Scaling to more marketplaces and using promotions to drive awareness!

Once you’ve decided to start your Sponsored Brands Video ads campaigns, you may be wondering what type of video creative you’ll need. Our guest Zohaib from ZOUSZ shares why a certain level of quality was very important to his brand in order to stand out and be competitive in a saturated niche. But high quality doesn't mean you need a lavish TV commercial, learn how Kaizen Ad, an approved Amazon Creative Partner, was able to use existing product imagery to create a high performing video ad.

"So as soon as I saw the good results we were getting, I just thought, "Okay, we need to push this up to other SKUs and other countries, other languages, and other marketplaces."

You may have an idea already which product you’d like to promote using Sponsored Brands Video ads. But the question we get a lot is - how should I set up my keyword targeting? This is the perfect segment of the fireside chat with Zohaib from ZOUSZ. Zohaib covers how many keywords he started with, how he optimized them for performance, and even the differences he saw in performance for general versus specific versus competitor ASIN targeting between different products AND marketplaces.

And initially, I think we only targeted a few keywords, so maybe like five or 10, then, because it was converting quite well, we added a lot more keywords to the campaign. This is later on, but we set up another campaign with the same video and to target our competitor's ASINs as well. So we're not only targeting keywords but also competitive products as well.

As you collect more learnings and optimize your video ad creatives, you may be considering new marketplaces and expanding out your product globally. Kaizen Ad’s guest Zohaib from ZOUSZ shares how he learned which keywords were performing well in which marketplaces, and the importance of swiftly turning keywords and promotions on and off. Don’t miss Zohaib’s recommendation for advertisers getting started with video ads:

I'd probably say, start with one product, maybe your best product or one that has good reviews and is already doing well, because I think having a video ad is only going to grow your sales and help the conversions. Maybe start with your best keywords that you know already work in your other campaigns, and then do a product targeting of your competitor, ASINs that you already convert well against, and then, yeah, I'd say do that and just keep testing and see what works.

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