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Stonebriar wins over new audiences with Amazon Streaming TV Ads

Kaizen Ad’s philosophy is that quality creative is the driving force behind engagement. When Kaizen Ad spearheaded creation and testing of Streaming TV video ads for Stonebriar’s candle collection, the result was a +196% click-through rate for their holiday campaign!

(Candle)lights, camera, action

Increase CTR & page view rates with Amazon Streaming TV ads by Kaizen Ad

When home decor retailer Stonebriar turned to Kaizen Ad for help creating a variety of Amazon Streaming TV assets, its goal was to build brand awareness, increase video impressions, completions, and boost click-through rates. Not only did Kaizen Ad achieve those goals, but we ran A/B tests on different creatives to further optimize results for additional campaigns. The results speak for themselves:

  • 24% increase in click-through rate

  • 96% average video completion rate

  • 2x increase in brand searches off Amazon

For more information on the strategy and tactics, as well as the results, visit the full case study recently published by Amazon.


Kaizen Ad was among the first approved Amazon Advertising Creative Partners and has deep expertise in creating winning video ads for all Amazon Advertising products, as well as all other major advertising channels. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create impactful and performance driven video ads.

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