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See How Motivation-Led Video Ad Strategy for Gaming App Drives Installs on Google AppCampaigns

As gaming audiences expand and search for new experiences, discover the best way to create video ads with an asset design that drives app install volumes and attract conversions in your Google App campaigns.

The recent Google for Games 2021 Global Insights Report reveals some significant trends and insights around the world of gaming and how to drive app install volumes and revenues. In particular, it highlights the evolution of gaming audience preferences and ways marketers should adapt their app campaign strategies and ad creative coverage to increase the probability for conversions and growing life-time value in this changing environment.

One key finding of the report is that as more people looked for ways to pass the time while sheltering in place, this new and expanding audience also looked for ways to socialize through gaming, becoming more interconnected through communities, seeking highly immersive experiences, and using gaming to learn new things.

With in-game communities and deepening connections becoming such a huge draw, audience habits continue to change as we emerge from the pandemic. Therefore, creating highly effective video ads with concepts to attract growing audiences should be based on best practices and latest insights—especially when 50% to 80% of your return on investment (ROI) is from ad creative.

Arguably this means that data-driven creative optimization is as important as bidding strategy in your Google app campaigns. And this is where creating motivation-inspired video ads can boost your campaign performance and drive revenues.

To talk about the strategies, tactics, and steps to success in creating motivation-inspired video ads, we brought together experts from Google, Kaizen Ad, and Outplay Entertainment in the webinar:

View it now to see how the best game advertisers deeply understand player motivations and produce compelling video ad creative experiences that help grow app install volumes, drive revenues, and increase life-time value.

We also show you the ideal data-driven creative optimization strategy and give you the tactics to identify motivational triggers and produce winning video ad creative that aligns with your target player groups.

Designed to answer all of your questions around optimizing your Google app campaign strategy for gaming and creating winning video ads, the webinar covers important topics, including:

  • Asset generation and strategy for your universal app campaign (UAC).

  • Improving conversion rates (CVR) through optimized ads.

  • Achieving creative excellence with the right features, sizes, and numbers for each ad group.

  • Key game elements to include in your video ad creatives.

We also take you through a deep dive into motivational creative design, exploring areas such as top play motivations, the right foundation for your video creative, and how to implement motivation in a video asset. All designed to help you optimize your creative and drive app installs.

But as we all know, the proof of the pudding is in the testing. So, to demonstrate how effective a motivation-led creative strategy can be, we invited the Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast User Acquisition manager, Jiyoon Park from Outplay Entertainment to walk you through some real-life app campaign steps, learnings, and results.

Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast from Outplay is a highly successful gaming app, with revenues based on in-app purchases and exclusive in-app events, that launched globally in January, 2021. Working with Kaizen Ad, Jiyoon and team ran a campaign testing motivational concepts, learning important new insights about Google App campaigns and what creative coverage resonates best with its audience.

In short, the Google App campaign findings confirmed that motivation-led video ad creative offers a powerful user acquisition tool, as well as a valuable way to improve the overall quality, performance, and relevancy of the Chef Blast gaming video ads. Outplay Entertainment was able to capitalize on Google App campaigns with motivation-led video creatives and new concepts, driving more app installs and improving their creative asset strategy for the next campaign.

Increasingly, we’re seeing gaming app advertisers like Outplay test out motivation-led video ad creative in their campaigns and reap the benefits of improved performance and more app installs from responding quickly to the trends and evolution of audience searches.

If you still have questions once you’ve watched the webinar, feel free to contact our team for more guidance. Kaizen Ad is an official Google App Campaigns Creative Partner with a successful history of helping mobile game companies with end-to-end video asset development that helps increase install volumes and grow revenues.

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