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Kaizen’s Mobile-First Guide for a Unique 2020 Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look like the Holiday Season

The 2020 Holiday season is here and this year and will be a bit different from previous years. What will the impact of the pandemic have on your business this holiday season? Q4 is a time for your business to close out the year strong, to reflect on the accomplishments reached, and to consider the decisions you would have done differently. Closing out the year helps you reset your intention for the year ahead.

This year Kaizen is proud to have helped hundreds of small businesses launch their first video ad. We have supported countless other mid-tier and enterprise customers with new creative concepts to run on various ad channels to reach their business goals and uncover more learning about their audiences and the ads that speak to them.

Get ahead of the holiday season this year

This year’s pandemic means significantly less in-store shopping, leaving people to shop digitally. We encourage you to get a head start with your Holiday Campaigns a bit earlier this year. Whether you’re running your own business or part of a marketing team, getting started early will help relieve the stress that occurs during the chaotic Nov-Dec months. Order video ads in time for your end of year campaigns launch dates. Don’t regret waiting until the last minute when your competitors have had a head start.

Engage More with Mobile-First this Holiday

This holiday season will not only be about a transaction but a connection. Since meeting in person might not be in cards this year, people will be shopping for more meaningful gifts. We anticipate wallets may be squeezed, and people will have more time to find exactly what they’re looking for as online competition will skyrocket.

How can your ads get the attention it deserves? Start by thinking mobile-first. You need to have thumb-stopping engaging video ads that are creatively appealing and hold attention. The video ad should spark an emotional response and motivate audiences to take action or consider your brand.

Mobile Creative is different from other ad types - audiences don’t just watch, they immerse themselves. They engage by sharing, liking, or discussing the content of the video. It’s important not to run just an ad, but one that follows mobile-first creative best practices: engaging first 3 seconds, strong ad copy, messaging, tight frame, and clear call to action.

There are so many decisions that need to be made to ensure your brand, offer, or product are at the forefront of your audiences on a mobile device. Creative decisions such as video footage, photographic angles, text style, animations, sounds, framing, and transitions all matter. These are the core components of how Kaizen expert creators make strategic creative decisions when it comes to creating the right mobile-first video for your business.

Video Coverage for Key Holiday’s and Events

Kaizen recommends you run a healthy mix of video assets to support the following Holiday’s (if it, of course, makes sense for your business)

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas / Hanukkah

  • New Years

Holiday inspired video ads for your business can range from a holiday promo video, brand awareness videos with a holiday twist to keep your brand top of mind this holiday season. Or, it could be a video that targets gift-givers; show off a line of products and help people discover what they need to gift to others. If you’re thinking you don’t have enough assets for a brand new video - we recommend you reuse assets that performed well in past campaigns. If you have a new holiday branded logo or even one or two new assets, Kaizen creators can mix these together to create something entirely brand new we’re sure you’ll love.

What’s great about having mobile-first holiday creative for your business or brand is that you can recycle and reuse the same creative for the next year! You don’t need to reorder brand new video concepts, you can easily order variations on the Kaizen Ad platform and request 1-3 key assets or copy to be switched out and boom, you have a new video variation to run without breaking your budget.

Final Kaizen Recommendations...

Keep in mind key holiday dates and give yourself a few extra days in case there are any setbacks during your launch. Moreover, allow your new holiday ad enough time to run in the campaign. You may want to run a set of holiday creative during mid-Nov- Early Dec and then have another push right before Christmas. Give your audience will need enough time to act. Also, consider the time it takes to for shipping and handling and any delays from the carrier due to the enormous increase of online shopping. The timeline I described here should have you considering getting started earlier this holiday season.

Finally, after the holiday season is over you need to evaluate your holiday performance. Analyze the numbers, take a look at your previous performance to discover any insights and trends.

Identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth, to drive better performance next year. Plan and prepare for the next holiday season with your learnings from this year to ensure that the next holiday season will be even more successful!

Thank you and have a great holiday season and close out a strong Q4!


The Kaizen Ad Team

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