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Do best practices for UA Mobile Gaming Creatives exist?

Do best practices for UA Mobile Gaming Creatives exist?

While established best practices like Clear Visuals, Clear Story, and Clear Challenge form a solid foundation for UA mobile gaming creatives, the landscape is constantly evolving. The best practices we know about obviously exist, but there are many yet to be discovered. What these best practices mean can vary between genres and game types, but the overall principle is obvious: CLARITY. Staying ahead requires not only adhering to these principles but also experimenting and innovating to uncover new strategies that resonate with your audience.

Clear Visuals means that whatever game or setup you’re presenting should be easily identifiable at a glance, because that’s often as long as you’ll have with a scrolling audience. “The first three seconds are the most important” talking heads will tell you. This is true, but it’s more like the first one second. Avoid jumbled ad copy covering important gameplay mechanics, or a cluttered scene that has no visual focus and you’re headed in the right direction to keeping the visuals clear.

Clear Story refers to what’s happening in your ad. Are you telling us about an event or situation involving your main character, or showing off an amazing few seconds of gameplay, or comparing your game to competitors? It should be obvious quickly. If a viewer can’t easily tell that your Match 3 game is a Match 3 game, or that your main character is in trouble at first or second glance, your UA creative will likely get the ol’ Scroll-Past.

Clear Challenge is a tangent of Clear Story. Many of the best and longest running UA ads have some sort of challenge that we’re watching unfold - saving a character in trouble, beating a difficult level or many levels, building or creating a masterpiece, or collecting a coveted item. This challenge should be immediately obvious, with the help of clear visuals, a clean layout, and sometimes challenge copy like “Can you save them?” or “How far can you get?”

“But you said there are best practices we don’t know about yet. What about those?!” Calm down, sir. And thanks for reading and remembering! As with all creatives, we only know if things work if they’ve been tried. You may stumble onto best practices that apply to a game or app that you’re running UA ads for that you haven’t read in a blog. And you may put a color or game mechanic or visual into an ad that no one has ever seen before that increases performance every time. This is why it’s vital to always try new things with creatives. Best practices are great starting points and can incrementally improve an ad’s performance, but they will only get you so far, and may not last forever.So get out there and be a copy machine of sorts and learn from your peers and competitors to find out what works in ads, but always keep creating your own new visions and finding new best practices that work for you.

Are you ready to elevate your UA mobile gaming creatives and discover what works best for your unique games? Contact Kaizen Ad today to explore how we can help you implement proven strategies and develop groundbreaking new ones to drive your success. Reach out to us and let's start creating together!

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