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Kaizen Ad Named One of Eight Trusted Google Creative Partners to Drive Better App Campaign Results

Updated: May 27, 2020

We are excited to announce that at its annual I/O conference today, Google has named Kaizen Ad a trusted App preferred creative partner. One of only eight agencies selected for this partnership, Kaizen Ad will help scale the adoption of creative best practices and work with advertisers to develop ad assets that can succeed across Google’s networks and inventory.

Kaizen Ad founder and CEO Kenji Sudo says,

“We are honored to be a part of this select group of partners. As app marketers shift their attention towards creative optimization, many still suffer from gaps in creative development resources and expertise. Using Kaizen Ad’s services, marketers can harness leading-edge automation technologies and drive better performance with quality assets.”

Tapping into Kaizen Ad’s intelligent creative platform and its network of experienced designers, app marketers can quickly ramp up asset production and test a larger number of creatives across the full range of Google’s app formats. Kaizen Ad’s professional designers also have region-specific knowledge and expertise to adapt advertisers’ app ads to their target markets, whether those be in North America, South America, or Asia Pacific, empowering businesses to expand reach beyond their immediate market.


Kaizen Ad has a vetted network of top video ad talent from around the globe, so we are able to source the “Optimizer” that fits best for each project. Optimizers are matched to each client based on their expertise. Marketers increase the relevance of their ads by receiving a greater variety of quality creatives from several Optimizers at once, as well as order creative for any audience, moment, context they choose.

Through this partnership, Kaizen Ad shares a close relationship with Google to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in creative trends and standards. This helps our Optimizers stay up-to-date on best practices for App campaign (formerly UAC) so they can work with advertisers to get more out of their ad spend. Optimizers also draw inspiration from working alongside various app publishers and gaining a deep but panoramic understanding of effective creative design.


Quality creatives are one of the most influential driving forces behind user engagement. App businesses must promote their products in a time when new formats, placements, and targeting tools are ever emerging, and when every platform demands people’s time and attention. One powerful way to reach more customers is by testing more innovative and creative ads.

Through our experience producing creatives for some of the world’s best app publishers, we learned quickly that testing early and often drives performance. Think with Google described the importance of understanding your audience and making ‘relevant’ video ads with the right message, creartive, and ad format, quoting that relevant video ads get 3X the attention of an average video ad*.

Diversifying based on audience segments and targeting users based on their mobile habits helps identify which assets and themes spark the highest levels of engagement. Google’s latest Unskippable Labs experiments** with video ads confirm that creative experimentation, such as testing more customized creatives based on audience signals, can lead to higher lift in ad recall and brand awareness. When Google tested 15-second video ads, creative customization had the most impact:

“In all three instances, the versions with customised copy and visuals drove significantly higher ad recall lift than the control ad. This held true across other brands and countries as well.”

Kaizen’s Optimizers use prior experience working with similar apps, combined with trained best practices learned for specific platforms (such as Google), to design effective elements, layouts, and copy. It’s easy to request assets in multiple sizes and aspect ratios – Optimizers will resize creatives quickly and deliver all necessary formats to increase the reach of your campaigns. Leveraging your best assets to align themes with targeted audience profiles is a best practice to help ensure your ads drive significant ROI.


Kaizen Ad’s global Optimizers have expertise in meeting localization demands for specific regions they specialize in, such as North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Optimizers create a variety of concepts that appeal to the target market. After testing, Kaizen can help marketers quickly iterate towards best-performing assets and themes. Winning creatives can be easily refreshed and resized to be tested across the demographic.

View our latest case studies here!


Kaizen Ad delivers quality App campaign creative assets at scale Kaizen Ad professional designers deliver better creatives in more formats but less time. Having a larger number of quality assets enables Google’s machine learning algorithms to find the best combination of assets to serve in any given context to any given group of your potential users.

Kaizen Ad has access to Google’s latest and greatest As a Google App preferred creative partner, we get to hear about Google’s latest and greatest best practices, and to access select creative-related beta features before they are available to the public. We will focus on the latest formats, creative and video ad best practices, Think with Google creative experiments and case studies, to make sure we can help your ads stand out from the crowd!

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