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Kaizen Ad joins the Walmart Connect Partner Network as a Creative Partner

We’re excited to announce that Kaizen Ad has joined the Walmart Connect Partner Network as one of seven Creative Partners to support Walmart’s self-serve advertisers.

Kaizen Ad helps advertisers optimize Walmart Connect video ad campaign performance and product listings with high quality, new out-of-the-box video ad creative concepts at scale. Kaizen Ad's newest creative formats include User Generated Content (UGC) video ads.

Let our expert designers animate your existing assets, find talent for your custom UGC videos, or shoot a bespoke live-action video for your products today.

Learn more about this news from Walmart Connect’s blog post here:

Expanding our Partner Network to make creative services available to advertisers of all sizes

Notes from the blog

  • Walmart Connect is focused on helping suppliers and sellers of all sizes drive growth by increasing access to self-service advertising tools. The Walmart Connect Partner Network plays a key role to expand advertiser support, increase services and deliver access anywhere advertisers need to have it.

  • One critical area for support is ad creative for self-serve ad formats. Walmart Connect shared that they will be expanding their network to include Creative Partners.

  • Creative Partners – such as VidMob, WhyteSpyder, Kaizen Ad, It’ and The Mars Agency – will offer a variety of creative services to support Walmart Connect’s self-serve ad platforms, subject to eligibility requirements.

Get high quality video ad creatives that help drive performance, contact us today!

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