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Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads now open to UK and DE locales

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video ad product is now available in Europe locales United Kingdom and Germany (UK and DE)! Advertisers can engage shoppers on Amazon’s mobile shopping app with highly relevant, auto-playing video ads that appear in the middle of search results for the UK and DE marketplaces.

Sponsored Brands Video is a keyword targeted and cost-per-click self-service solution. Ads link directly to the product detail page where customers have the opportunity to learn more and make a purchase.

Be an early adopter and start driving sales with Sponsored Brands Video in Q4 2020.

5 reasons why United Kingdom and Germany (UK and DE) advertisers should launch a Sponsored Brands Video ad campaign:

  1. First, video is compelling. Advertisers can now connect with Amazon customers shopping on their mobile devices. Video gives advertisers the opportunity to capture customer’s attention for a bit longer in order to highlight product benefits and unique selling points. Videos are more creative than traditional static images, allowing advertisers to really showcase their brand & product story.

  2. Highly relevant, engaging ads drive sales. Because Sponsored Brands Video ads are keyword targeted, advertisers have full control of which relevant creative to run in each campaign. Think of the shopper scrolling through the search results and your video ad coming from the bottom up. Now that’s powerful!

  3. Sponsored Brands Video is cost-per-click, keyword bidding. Most advertisers are familiar with setting up a Sponsored Brands campaign. Sponsored Brands Video is very similar and overall a quick and simple set up. Now serving on Desktop too!

  4. Sponsored Brands Video is completely self-service! Get started right away by going to Sponsored Brands and clicking on the Video ad format.

  5. Take advantage of being an early adopter! Nearly 80% of Amazon customers use Amazon to discover new products and brands (Souce: CPC Strategy and Survata, “The 2018 Amazon Shopper Behavior Study,” US, Feb. 2018). Early adopters can be one of the few brands to use video to promote their products within their respective category and locale! Go search for a product on Amazon now, there's not many videos in UK or DE marketplaces, now is the time to launch your ads and take complete advantage of it!

Kaizen Ad creates high-quality Amazon video ads

About Kaizen Ad Amazon Video Ad Solution

Kaizen Ad is an approved Amazon Service Provider with a mission to drive creative excellence on Amazon. Our passion for mobile video advertising drives our creative curiosity. Our expert designers can transform any product image into a high-performing video ad creative.

Kaizen Ad professional designers deliver quality, mobile optimized video ads within 7 days. Enabling advertisers to launch video campaigns and drive results as quickly as possible.

Find out more about Kaizen Ad here!

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