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Kaizen Ad STARTER Video Ads

The Kaizen Ad STARTER video ads are perfect for those looking to test initial campaign performance and identify high engagement keywords with custom, product focused video ads. Lack assets? No problem.

Kaizen Ad STARTER Project

Start Your New Project by Naming It

You will use this email address to log-in to Kaizen Ad platform & review your video ads.

Ad Placements

This STARTER project is for Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ad specifically. You may choose other ad placements you're interested in and we'll contact you about additional variations or concepts.

Ad Placement
Video Variations

Creative Brief

Product Information

Campaign Details

Share information about the campaigns in which this ad creatives will run.

What is the goal of the campaign in which this video ad will run?

Describe your target audience for this campaign? What is this shopper like? Their gender, age, habits, etc

List 5 or so keywords you will target in this campaign (this helps us with category research)

Creative Information

Share details on the type of video ad you'd like to order and any creative instructions.

Type of Video Creative

If you chose Other, please elaborate. Or list any creative instructions or requirements you have that our creator should know

What is the main message you want to communicate about your product in this video ad?

Focus your message with your target audience and campaign objective in mind. If left blank, the creator will choose based on your unique selling points.

Share learnings from existing Ad campaigns. Ex: our customers don't think the lavendar smell is a selling point; we learned 'electric' is really important to emphasize

Top 3 Product Unique Selling Points

A 15 second creative includes 3-4 frames and end card. It's important to think about your campaign objective and focus your message.

What is the single main reason shoppers choose your product over a competitors?

List only the top unique selling points, a product features or benefits that will be mentioned in this video.

Write out any copy (phrases, slogans, and terms) that the designer can use in this video creative.

Share Your Assets 

Most importantly, we need your assets. Share only the assets you wouldn't mind us using in the video! 


Paste a link to your assets folder below using any cloud sharing service such as Google Drive, or DropBox. If you don't have an existing folder, you can transfer files to us using WeTransfer - create a folder, upload it, and paste the link below.

Share static images (product, icons, backgrounds, PDP images) the designer can use for this particular video. Quality of assets: Transparent & layered files .psd or .ai are strongly preferred; high-resolution .png images are great; .jpg images are fine (but they have less flexibility).

Share your brand or product logo(s), brand font file(s), colors, and any brand guidelines documents you may have.

Share video assets the designer can use for this particular project. This may include past best performing video ads, product videos, tutorials, long videos, or TVC.

We can't wait to get started on your video ad!

Our team will contact you if we have any questions or requests. 

A specialized creator will be assigned to your project by our Creative Manager. 



Start running compelling video ads on Amazon, now

World-class designers convert your static or video assets into eye-catching, mobile-optimized Amazon video ads within 7-days. 

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