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Create and scale video ads with this proven framework [eBook]

Gaming ad experts share a proven creative concepting framework and top tips for creating immersive video ads at scale.

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EverMerge by Big Fish Games

“We have tested out trying completely new video styles with Kaizen. We were able to test out new puzzle-style intros for our videos. We tested them starting with an MAI split test, followed by a live campaign AEO test to measure ROAS.” 
- Zach Marcus, Product Marketing Manager
at Big Fish Games

Drive engagement and differentiate your gaming app with video ads that capture your audience’s minds and hearts.

We believe video is the single most engaging ad format, enabling advertisers to reach more customers than any other ad format, which is why we’ve put together this must-read, step-by-step guide filled with best practices and our exclusive strategy for creating and scaling well-crafted winning video ads.


Learn how to drive the most impact for your gaming app by mapping out creative concepts for machine learning platforms and creating immersive ads that spark emotional connections—all while controlling costs.

Kaizen Ad delivers the highest-quality video ad creative in the world. Kaizen Ad enables marketers to easily replace and iterate creative variations at scale in order to optimize their campaign performance through continuous improvement.

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