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Power Up Your Amazon Sponsored Campaigns with Creative

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads

Power up with video ad creative

The mobile shopping app giant offers brands unique opportunities to capture specific audience segments with relevant video and image creatives. Read on to learn more about Amazon Sponsored Brands Video ad product, witness the power of sponsored product gallery + video ads, as well as learn video creative best practices. We included a peak at the newest Amazon beta - Custom Images.

If you weren't sold on launching a Sponsored Brands Video campaign in the near future, imagine this:

  • Your target audience searches for "target keyword"

  • Sees your competitors Sponsored Brand product collection at the very top

  • Scrolls one time while checking out the top products

  • And all of the sudden their attention is captured by YOUR Sponsored Brands video ad creative

  • They tap on the video ad to view your product details page

Watch it at play:

Double Your Brand Awareness

Power up with Product Collection + Video

If your target keywords align in both Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands Video campaigns, your ads may have a chance to show at the same time - doubling the brand awareness. Think of it as a second chance to get the viewer to click and view your product details page.

  • Your target audience searches for "target keyword"

  • Sees YOUR Sponsored Brand product collection at the very top

  • Scrolls one time while checking out the top results

  • And all of the sudden their attention is captured by yet again YOUR Sponsored Brands video ad creative

Watch this combination at play:

Latest update: Inline Placement on Mobile!

Amazon is randomly testing ad creative at the top of the search results for Sponsored Brand Video on mobile. Check-out the difference in the video below and imagine the increase in ad views!

It looks like Amazon is still testing only select ads at the inline placement, still it's a massive improvement. What about Desktop? We haven't seen the changes on desktop yet, but we're sure Amazon is planning on testing in the near future.

Test & Fine Tune Creative for Performance

Video still has the lowest adoption among Amazon’s ad products and with several improvements still underway we recommend taking the early adopter time to define how your audience is responding to your video creative.

Start your campaign focusing on impressions and CTR. This will tell you if your video is generating views and interest.

Tips & Best Practices:

  1. DON’T launch the same video ad for all target keywords!

  2. DO pick 3 most appealing themes for your audience segments (e.g., aspirational, problem vs. solution, feature focused) for your initial test round. Then, expand on the best performers.

  3. DO test customized creative for seasonal keywords or specific audience segments.

  4. DO focus on growth. Pay attention to impressions, clicks, & CTR for brand awareness & product visibility goals.

  5. DON'T simply repurpose long product videos or TVC without optimization.

  6. DO focus on making the first 5sec of your video the most engaging, test storyline peaks at 2-3 seconds and again at 5-6 seconds of your video.

Looking for creative best practices to help you get started?

Watch our "Getting Started with Amazon's Sponsored BrandsVideo" webinar replay here.

NEW: Amazon Sponsored Brands - Custom Image Beta!

Power up with creative image + video power duo!

Delight and drive brand awareness with strategically matching Sponsored Brands Custom Images (Beta) and Sponsored Brands Video ads. The Custom Images is a new beta by Amazon and we're LOVING it.

Imagine if both ads show at the same time:

Tips for testing Custom Image + Video creative:

  1. DON'T run random images and videos for the all keywords.

  2. DO match keyword groups for your target audience segments with specific creative

  3. DO make sure the 1st second of the video creative matches the custom image creative

Need help?

If you need any help with creative development or generating fresh video creative concepts quickly for your next campaign, please reach out to or Request a Demo.

Kaizen Ad connects consumers and brands by helping advertisers reach customers with engaging video ads everywhere.
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